Project Maps

These maps are a collection of detailed maps showing the progress of work on the project.   Information in the maps includes the project area boundary, the location of scenic vistas and views, areas defined by their visual characteristics as well as draft proposals for scenic areas of state-wide significance.   Some of the maps can be clicked on to pull up closer views of specific areas.  Stay tuned for more interesting maps that will tell the story of the region’s scenery.

Interactive Map


The map below provides an overview of the project area, as well as the four areas covered by detailed maps below.  The boundaries and identification numbers of visual subunits (subdivisions of the landscape used by the consultant team in the rating process) are shown in lighter orange.  The boundaries and names of visual districts (groupings of similar subdivisions used by the consultant team in the process of determining Scenic Areas of Statewide Significance) are shown in darker orange and black text.


Viewshed Maps – October 13, 2014

Dark purple indicates the area with views to and from the St. Lawrence river, based only on topography (no vegetation), called the “viewshed.”  Overlayed on this map are notable viewpoints (as mentioned in a workshop this spring with locals).  The boundaries and identification number of visual subunits and visual districts (subdivisions of the landscape used by the consultant team in the rating process) are shown in orange and yellow.






Draft Evaluation Map – October 13, 2014

Hatched colors in the map are based on the mode of scenic ratings within each landscape visual subunit.  That is, the rating applied more than any other rating for natural and cultural components, view characteristics, public accessibility, and visual accessibility (1=common; 2=noteworthy; 3=distinctive).  Red hatches indicate visual subunits rated as distinctive; blue hatches indicate visual subunits rated as noteworthy.  The boundary of potential Scenic Areas of Statewide Significance are shown with a thick red line.  The boundary of potential Scenic Areas of Local Significance are shown with a thick blue line.  For more information about the rating process, refer to the consultant’s preliminary Draft Report (October 13, 2104).


Ratings_Area1_24x36_aerial Ratings_Area2_24x36_aerial Ratings_Area3_24x36_aerial Ratings_Area4_24x36_aerial