Rating Thousand Islands Scenery

This summer, hundreds of people took an image poll developed to give us a better idea of what people in our region think is scenic. Our consultants are now in the process of using these results, along with information from a number of other sources, to determine which areas should be awarded the distinction of being designated “Scenic Areas of Statewide Significance’ – the highest ranking for scenic coastal landscapes in the entire state. The highest ranked landscapes will be eligible for state assistance for tourism promotion, economic development and protection of scenic resources through the involvement in the planning and design of large scale development projects.

The image poll has three sections, each developed to help the consultants answer different types of questions:

Section 1 includes 50 randomized images from the Thousand Islands project area.  These views were assembled to represent the variety of different types of landscapes present in the region.  Poll respondents were asked to rate the views on a scale from -3 (least scenic) to +3 (most scenic).  This information, particularly the top ten and bottom ten images below, provide the consultants with a general sense of what combinations of landscape components people in the area find more visually pleasing and what combinations provide less attractive views.  The top 10 and bottom 10 images are below.


The second section of the poll asked respondents to rank sets of three randomized views of a particular landscape component from most scenic (3) to least scenic (1).  The three images in each category were selected to illustrate the landscape characteristics described by the state as “distinctive” (3), “noteworthy” (2), and “common” (1) The goal of this section was to provide the consultants with a more direct way of comparing the state’s rating guidelines to the way people in the region think about particular components of the landscape.  The results of this comparison are below.

Sect 2-results


The third section of the poll asked respondents to rank the most scenic images from each category in section 2 from most scenic (1) to least scenic (10).  This section was developed to provide the consultants with information about what landscape components matter most and least to scenic quality.


Another way of looking at the data from this section is below.  As you would expect, not all people had the same opinion.  However, there were views of landscape components that were consistently ranked more scenic and some that were consistently ranked less scenic.


Section 3-results

In addition to the three sections of the image poll, we also collected demographic information, letting us know more about the types of people who responded to the poll.















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